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(Photo: en route to Monaco with a CIS mining tycoon)

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So what’s this site all about, you ask?  In short, it’s about finance.  The sort that’s both glamorised and demonised in the media, coveted by eager young minds in selective campuses across the globe, subject to intense competition amongst careerists and discussed over a glass of Chateau Margaux in a private jet en route to Luxembourg. High flying finance.

This site will provide you with juicy insight on the world of finance, the crazed pursuit of money and the illogical way it’s spent and all the silly things that go on inside investment banks, hedge funds, private banks and other financial institutions where money is ultimately made with money.

Importantly, you’ll also be offered unconventional lessons on dealmaking and demonstrations on how an ‘ibanker’ mindset can help make you more successful.

Whether you’re an aspiring or existing investment banker, dealmaker or entrepreneur, this blog will provide you with interesting food for thought.

Note, some of the posts touch on stories from the past (glory days at a major investment bank “Paris Berkeley Capital”) while others recount more recent stories of The ibanker’s adventures.

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11 thoughts on “The ibanker Has Gone Public!

  1. Cheyanne says:

    Kudos to you! I hadn’t thought of that! I hear so much crazy stuff goes on in banking. Would be great to hear about it. I want to know about bonuses 😉

  2. Lenka Zounkova says:

    Dear ibanker,

    Your blog and your stories are motivational and extremely interesting. I cannot stop reading.
    You are an inspiration to me as I’m in my final year of university and trying to get into the industry.

    In this, way I would like to show my appreciation and thank you for sharing your stories with people.

    All the best to you 🙂

    Ps: is your book out already ?

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