Update From The ibanker (June 2014)

Dear readers,

I hope you are well and enjoying your respective summers (or winters).

I wanted to take the opportunity to give you a little update and explain why there have been so few posts published on the blog of late.

Firstly, I’m in the middle of editing my first novel. I’ve had lots of beta reader feedback and that has led me to make additional changes to the book. For the better, of course. Once I finish making this present round of edits, I’ll shoot it off to a professional editor and soon after it should be ready for your indulgence. Having to do this while juggling work and a personal life meant it’s taken longer to finish than I originally planned. That’s life, I suppose. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the end result.

Secondly, I’ve written an eBook, which will be released in the coming weeks. In short, it’s a guide to breaking into investment banking. It will help people optimise their mindset to achieve success and stand out from the competition. Some of the tactics will help readers far beyond getting into the business and becoming investment bankers. Get it on Amazon.

With that being said, happy Friday the 13th!

My kindest regards,


3 thoughts on “Update From The ibanker (June 2014)

    • Ditto says:

      Ditto. Can you give us a release date Mr. ibanker???
      How much of it is based on your experience at Paris Berkeley Capital?

      Waiting for the next great finance story… Will you be the one to give it to the world 🙂

  1. Lin says:

    We. Want. The. Novel.

    And the sequels to follow. You should publish one each year. I can be one of the female characters. Sexy, tall, intelligent LOL.


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