Update From The ibanker (June 2013)

Dear readers,

First of all, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read my posts and engaging with me. I’ve met some fantastic people since launching the blog. I’ve also received lots of funny, quirky and unusual e-mails from many of you. It’s been interesting! I look forward to meeting many more of you in the near future.

The communication exchange has greatly helped guide the makeup of my posts.

Secondly, I wanted to update you on the direction the blog is going to take starting very soon. I will be adding, in addition to posts similar to the ones which have already been published, a new type of post which will focus on strategies, hacks and tips relating to business and personal life.  I believe they may be of use to you. You don’t have to be an investment banker to benefit and gain from that advice or draw useful conclusions from it. Even a blogger or entrepreneur could benefit from this new type of post. Whether you’re a high school or college student, working professional or backpacker some of the things I will post about could help you make more money, be more commercial and take advantage of resources available to you which you may not be aware of. They will be predicated on lessons I learned in recent years. To the extent possible, I will infuse them into stories based on my experiences. That way they’ll be more colourful and entertaining.

See, I believe that some of the ibanker practices I’ve come to learn can be very useful to others in their everyday life. These tactics which I’ve shared – offline – with friends and acquaintances helped them make more of a positive impact in their everyday life. Mainly on the work front because that was the nature of my discussions with them – I’m the ibanker after all 🙂 The people included drama instructors, plant scientists, photographers, college students, film directors and more, not to mention people in business and finance. You could be an Associate working in an M&A team for a bulge bracket ibank; a gifted violinist looking to become more entrepreneurial; someone eager to break into ibanking; an individual who’s fed up with the corporate life and now intent on resigning from work in the big city in order to move to Bali where you will set up your own business. Hopefully, you’ll glean some useful nuggets from the posts.

Most people possess the resources, abilities and experience to create opportunities which enable them to experience new things, meet new people, create more wealth (whether 1 dollar or millions that is irrelevant) and have fun. But not everyone knows what needs to be done to get there. Like anything else worthwhile, it’s never easy and usually takes time.

As I mentioned above, I will continue writing posts like the ones you’ve seen thus far – that is, those which focus on the business of ibanking and some of the crazy stories that I’ve witnessed or experienced within.

Finally, I hope to continue learning as much from you in the future as I have till now.

All the best,

The ibanker

7 thoughts on “Update From The ibanker (June 2013)

  1. Hassan Murtaza says:

    My friend your posts are not only enlightening to us younger folks, but also very helpful in maintaining a very realistic view of how finance as a whole works. I look forward to your new series and posts, as well as to someday meet you in person.


  2. Trikaash says:

    Can’t wait for the new posts ahead. Your writing is great because it’s so vivid and descriptive yet not verbose and dull. Your writing reminds me of Michael Lewis and Satyajit Das. You ought to write a book! 🙂

  3. Peter Zhang says:

    Fantastic writing. Agree with Trikaash, very reminiscent of Michael Lewis. Look forward to your posts on strategies / hacks / tactics for business and personal life. As a second year IB analyst in the US, I always give my friends in graduate school or other professions helpful tidbits for efficiency and time management (e.g., never reinvent the wheel, leveraging resources). However, I think you’ll do a much better job at articulating these strategies and providing concrete applications than I do.

    Also, please consider writing a book! Would be a huge success.

  4. Deb says:

    While researching information for a transcript that I’m doing for CPAN, I happened upon your posts. I agree with Hassan, Trikaash, and Peter — you express this information so very well. (I work as a transcriptionist and dealt with all manner of expression, so I know!)

    This is just the sort of information many of us sorely need and wish we better understood to go forward, especially in the far more dynamic world we’re living in today. Matter of fact, I would like to help my young daughters, both very talented artists. Understandably, they/we are less talented when it comes to the financial and business end of it.

    Would have wonderful fun transcribing for you, if ever you consider creating audio or video recordings.

    • The ibanker says:

      Hi Deb,

      Makes sense. If your daughters are talented artists then it’s important to have the business side covered. Makes a big difference in the long-run and gives you more control. Whether we like it or not it’s a commercial world we live in.

      Will def reach out should I consider transcribing. Thanks.

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