The Importance Of Managing Emotions In Business (Video)

This video isn’t about controlling emotions or reigning them in. Powerful emotions aren’t a bad thing and certainly shouldn’t be locked up and stashed away. We’re human. We have emotions. It’s makes us bloody amazing.

What’s important is to learn to manage our emotions and use them to our advantage.

I’ve made some of my worse business decisions on the back of strong emotions because I reacted far too hastily. I was upset or angry and said (phone) or wrote (e-mail) the wrong things. I’m sure you have too. This is not limited to work but also our personal lives. We get into a heated discussion with friends or family and say something we later regret.

We must learn to master our emotions.

It of course begins with recognition. Recognising your emotions is the first step to shaping your emotions. Invariably, an event precedes an emotional reaction or outburst. For that reason it’s easy to blame a strong negative reaction on that ‘event’. However, until you accept it has to do with YOU rather than the events itself then nothing will change.

This video about the importance of managing emotions when it comes to business. It’s inspired by a heated conversation I had with a client. I said some things I should not have.

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