Parable: The Investment Banker And The Good Cause

One day, two successful investment bankers, Lara and Alice, decided to give away their entire year-end bonus toward a good cause.

That evening, they both went online and made their donation to a charity of their choice.

The next day, Lara arrived to work to find all her colleagues packed inside the main conference room. When she entered they all looked at her and clapped, apart from Alice, who was visibly unhappy.

The charity Lara gave the money to had published a thank you note on its website which went viral and reached the bank’s senior management.

After ignoring Lara for most of the day, Alice approached her in the evening, when most people had gone home.

“You’re supposed to make donation from the heart,” said Alice. “Not for attention.”

“I gave away all my bonus,” said Lara. “Why are you still holding on to yours?”

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