So you like the world of The ibanker and feel a connection to its protagonist, Alex Shiraz. Or perhaps one of the villains in the series resonates with you. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that you can now acquire and proudly own one or more NFTs from the The ibanker collection.

As more stories are released and intriguing characters introduced we’ll reveal unique and attractive digital art you can acquired and hold in your personal collection. You’ll find them all on Opensea.


Hurry and get yourselves some ‘ibankers’, which we’ve made free to mint. THE IBANKERS are a PFP collection of 2,000 devilishly handsome investment bankers (ibankers). The underlying motivation was to create a set of ibankers that stood for principled & positive finance. An army of ibankers united in their belief that finance is to be a force for good. By owning an ibanker the holder would – in theory – agree to act as a positive steward of finance. There is no roadmap for this project. It’s not an investment. It’s simply cool art for your viewing pleasure.

Here is the minting site:

The collection can then be found at Opensea.