January 2015: An Arrogant Investor, Mickey Mouse, Tech Lovers and High Street Kensington

One of the highlights of the week was surely my meeting with a London financier who made himself a little fortune establishing, and later selling, what became a large financial institution. After achieving great financial success he set up his own Family Office. He got himself very nice office space in a nice part of town, hired a team of professionals and started putting money into various investments. Surprisingly fast. Anyway, I went in to meet with him to explore collaboration between his office and another, much larger Family Office I know well. Without getting into details, I had a particular angle in mind I wanted to pursue. He began telling me about an investment in India he had just made. He went on to speak about it as if he had invested in the next Facebook or Google. Interesting. So I asked, “Do you have a local partner in India?” That didn’t go down well with him. “What do you mean partner?” he said. In turn, I said, “I’m asking because it’s always very helpful to have a local partner, especially in India.” He seemed irritated. “Look, we don’t need one at all and, besides, one of my colleague’s wife is Indian.” I nearly busted out laughing. So you think because one of your teammates wife is Indian you’re set to go? I nodded and didn’t say a word.


Who says men can’t pamper themselves. A visit to Gentlemen’s Tonic on Bruton Place (Mayfair, London) was a wonderful treat after a closing a deal. I recommend their wet shave.


The second half of the week I met with a small yet very sharp group of technology investors based near King’s Cross St. Pancras. They’re backed by a European billionaire dynasty who’ve decided to put some money to work toward tech investments. And it’s proven very lucrative – thanks to the team.


Had a wonderful meeting at a chic business members’ club on High Street Kensington called The Pavilion. Been there several times and really like the vibe – perfect combination of business and pleasure. Highly recommend it. I went over to meet with a member who’s looking to raise a fund that will invest in a very unique asset class. Great coffee too.

IMG_0745 copy

Tuesday afternoon I went over to Phillips auction house on Berkeley Square. A piece on display titled Mickey caught my attention. A series of coloured circles. The artist was none other than Damien Hirst. Estimated price: £10,000-15,000; $15,600-23,400; €12,600-18,900.

6 thoughts on “January 2015: An Arrogant Investor, Mickey Mouse, Tech Lovers and High Street Kensington

    • Great Britain says:

      London is not only a city but a private bank. A place to store your money. It’s safe. There law & order. They’re welcoming of the global rich.

      So an expensive flat in Chelsea & Kensington is a gold deposit box 🙂

  1. Daniel says:

    You can’t expect to thrive in India as a foreign investor w/out a reliable local partner. Too many ppl been burned. I give him 1 year and he’ll be cryin.

  2. Abel says:

    Art = no logic.

    I would use my money for buying real estate. There’s reason why real estate costs XYZ. Size. Location. Quality. Art is completely illogical. Look at a $5 million painting. If someone very good copies it then the reproduction still will not sell for 1/100 of the price.

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