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  1. Hassan Murtaza says:

    It is nice to finally put a face to that name!

    I started following your blog as a high school student; and while my decision to not pursue finance through some hippy self reflection ( 🙂 ), and an awareness of interest in something else, I’ve continued to read through your stuff over the years. What an interesting life you’ve lived.

    Perhaps a monthly podcast with a memorable story, some practical advice, and some personal thoughts would be something that I think can add a ton of value to the growing brand.

    Just some thoughts.


    • A Oveissi says:

      🙂 Hello Hassan. Good to hear from you. And thanks again for taking the time to read my posts. What field are you going into? One need not pursue a finance degree or work in a bank to gain the skills the field offers. It’ll help you no matter what you do. I tell you, some of the most brilliant dealmakers I’ve met never set foot in an investment bank. In fact the last time I encountered one was just a few weeks ago in Agra while visiting the Taj Mahal. He was a tour guide and i tell you … he had such a powerful commercial instinct…and highly effective communication skills. Learned loads just observing him.
      Thanks for the podcast suggest. I’d like that. Just need to find the time … when not busy chasing deals 😉
      Very best.

  2. Hassan Murtaza says:

    Medicine 🙂

    I was good at biology, even as a kid; used to read through a bunch of old bio material in Pakistan as a kid (where I was born before immigrating to the states). I had the chance to shadow a banker at an elite boutique, and 15 minutes into walking around the office; I figured out it wasn’t for me. The dealmaking and the intricacies of what makes a good business are still very much a part of my interests, hopefully maybe someday these 2 interests might align . I picked up lifting weights early on, and was fortunate enough to train with some very elite lifters, and athletes at an old gym; the world of human performance, and longevity interested me a lot, so I decided to focus my efforts on going to medical school. I’m in college right now, hoping to take the MCAT this year.

    Never in a million years did I think as a kid I’d be chatting with a high level dealmaker sitting an ocean, and a continent away. The wonders of the internet.

    Hopefully I didn’t bore you with my story 🙂

    Best of luck on future endeavors, and keep us updated on the new things you plan to do.


    • A Oveissi says:

      Well you’re lucky you had the opportunity to get exposure to that – finance – world so you could decide if it was for you or not. Not everyone has the chance. And I’m sure you’ll manage to incorporate positive dealmaking into whatever profession you pursue.

      Good luck with the MCAT. Two of my closest friends are doctors and I saw them go through medical school and later become outstanding docs. Such an amazing journey.

      Funny. Never did I think I’d be chatting with a future medical pioneer an ocean away 😉

      Take care and keep working hard!

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