I love collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs, brands and bloggers, whether it be for features articles, YouTube videos, short films or other exciting initiatives.

  • Bloggers: if you have an exciting idea then I’d love to hear from you. E-mail me and include the word COLLABORATION in the Subject Line
  • Brands: if you’re interested in promoting a product or service, and if it fits with the ethos of this blog then e-mail me with the Subject Line SPONSOR

Now to the hot stuff …


Do you have a “wow” investment opportunity for which you seek capital? And I mean “wow”. Have a strong team in place with a solid track record? If so, send me a teaser and if it is a one of a kind proposition then I’ll come back to you if I can help. To be honest, I prefer deals that require north of USD20m of capital. However, I’ll look at smaller deals if it’s a phenomenal opportunity. (Note: I will not respond unless I feel it is something I can work on as I receive lots of cap raise requests).

Important point: keep in mind that the investors I know include some of the largest and most sophisticated family offices in the world; sovereign wealth funds; institutional investors; and various other deep-pocketed individuals and organisations. They’re sharp and have been round the proverbial block more than once. Therefore, I do not waste their time with silly or downright unviable deals.

Other important point: I prefer receiving teasers from business owners rather than middlemen. In my experience, when there are too many people in the chain the likelihood of doing a deal is slim.

Looking forward to hearing from you.