PowerPoint Presentation Template

Premium Template: A downloadable template you can immediately use to build very professional-looking presentations that will impress anyone from your classmates to a Fortune 500 company. The product, comprised of 70+ premium slides, will enable you create a presentation to help you market a product or service, raise money, pitch a project, create a company profile document and much more.

PowertPoint Template Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 11.21.36

Not only will it save you countless hours of effort but it’s a collection of slides worth easily over hundreds of dollars. You can now get them now for USD199 USD59.



Resume Toolkit

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Discover the INCREDIBLE resume building toolkit which will transform your resume / CV in under 1 week.

Specifically designed to take your resume / CV from average to “WOW”.

Using the templates and techniques provided you’ll dramatically improve your chances of landing a job with a bulge bracket investment bank, private equity firm, hedge fund or other financial institution. If you’re dead set on breaking into a high finance role then why leave the job search to chance? Arm yourself with the best possible resume and go after it!

You want the best possible resume for YOU. The one that best encapsulates your STRENGTHS. With that in hand, you’ll feel better about yourself and your accomplishments. And you’ll tackle interviews with greater confidence.

The Resume Toolkit will enable you to create your perfect resume without having to use an outrageously expensive consultant. Everything you need will come with the toolkit.

If you want a recruiter, banker or anyone of that matter to be impressed when they look at your resume / CV then this product is for you. Remember, people will take under 15 seconds to form an opinion of you when they set their eyes on your resume. That’s very little time. So make it count.

The toolkit will be available on 15 September 2016.



Fundraising Toolkit

Have a vision and need backing from investors to launch or take it to the next level?

Use this deck to present your story and impress investors.

Coming soon!