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Learn to spot opportunities and raise money from big investors.


Calling out to all future dealmakers!
The beauty of this course is that it will enable people with a basic knowledge of business to help a company (client) raise money from a variety of investors, including private equity firms, hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, family offices, asset managers, pension funds, etc. I’ll show you the techniques I’ve used to make six figures in a single month. Sometimes from investors I didn’t even know until I started the process.

Things to consider

#1 Most people are exposed to dealmaking opportunities in their day to day life. Yet they’re unaware of it. I will teach you how to spot them. Faster. More effectively.

#2 You don’t need to have worked at Goldman Sachs, Lazard, Barclays, JP Morgan or the like to orchestrate deals, meet big investors, be flown all over the world and raise capital. I will teach you how to do it starting from scratch. It will take time and hard work. But you’ll have the tools to broker lucrative deals.

#3 The difference between you and the male / female dealmakers I know who are negotiating deals on their own and making a lot money in the process boils down to having the right mindset and knowing how deals are done. By following the methods in this course you’ll gain life-long skills that will enable you to broker  deals and make significantly more money throughout your career. And you’ll gain priceless experience you’ll otherwise only read about in the financial papers, entrepreneurship magazines and the like.

#4 The best part about what I teach is that you can get started doing deals right away. What’s more, you can do it on the side, until you get the hang of it and decide you’d like to devote more time to dealmaking. The techniques you’ll learn can be applied on a part-time or full-time basis. And you can build on them throughout your life.

Who is it for?

There is no one type of candidates for this course. It is suited for:

  • Investment bankers (or ex-bankers)
  • Management consultants (or ex-consultants)
  • Accountants (or ex-accountants)
  • Finance professionals
  • Business professionals (irrespective of the sector)
  • Business students in university
  • Anyone who has identified a dealmaking opportunity but needs guidance on how to proceed

Note, even if all you have a is a general understanding of business you can benefit from this course, if you seek to build dealmaking skills.


Using the methods in the course, I’ve been able to work from anywhere, including:

1) Poolside at the Bustan Palace Hotel in Muscat (Oman).


2) The balcony of a villa in Ibiza.


3) On a private jet.

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But wait…how can I meet a large investor if I don’t know any? How can I raise ten million dollars if I’ve never even raised a thousand?

I hear these type of questions all the time and they’re very valid concerns.

Let’s think about the investors. For one, there is the image of them we have in our heads. A large bank, private equity firm, hedge fund, pension fund, family office, insurance company, etc., could have billions of dollars under management. (That’s insane when you think about it.) Their staff are usually very well-dressed, speak fast and come across as very confident. One could get intimidated by this facade and see them as ‘unapproachable’. But the reality is that if you’re assertive, have something useful to speak to them about and are professional then you can have the opportunity to deal with them. To understand what it is they want. Every investor wants something and your aim should be to understand their investment criteria. You may not speak their language fluently at first but then again who does? We all learn and improve with time.

As for the notion of raising money from investors we tend to picture that it can only be done by a Wall Street guy working from a brand-name bank. Thats pure nonsense. If you’ve got a good opportunity in front of you then there’s a way for you to raise money. You don’t need to be a mental calculator or have a finance PhD. You just have to understand people and their motivations. A large part of dealmaking is about bringing people together, managing them and building relationships. The most successful dealmakers I know had never worked in banking. And the core principle behind raising $100 million is the same as raising $100,000.

But I don’t have “connections” like you

I wasn’t born with them. I built them. I actively worked on building relationships. And so can you and that is something I preach throughout the course.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean that you cannot do your own deals.

One of the first deals I did was for a company looking to borrow money. I knew little about their sector. But within months I raised them over $10 million. How? I looked up every bank that lent to companies in the sector and started calling them. Eventually I hit one. And in the process, I started building relationship with lenders.


I’m going to lay out a strategy for you to do your own deals.

With the Dealmaking Bootcamp course, I’ve boiled down years of dealmaking experience into an easy-to-use-and-understand system.

The TRUE value of this information is in the thousands, making it a phenomenal deal.

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So think about your work life. Surely, you accept that during the next 20, 30, 40 or more years you’ll come face to face with more than a few potential business opportunities. Wouldn’t you want to be able to spot them at once? And then seize them?


You know what? It’s POSSIBLE. And like boardgames you need to know the rules if you want to understand the game. Especially if you want to win.

But it will not be easy. If you expect it will rain money and success overnight you’re in the wrong in the place.

This course is not for everybody

People, it’s NOT about making money instantaneously. That is NOT realistic. Anyone who makes such claims is bullshitting – excuse the language.

Sure, you could get lucky and do a deal in a week…but if that is the case then consider yourself very lucky.

If you value a one-off or fluke success event more than… a) an increased knowledge of the art of dealmaking, b) the ability to effectively pinpoint and analyse opportunities around you, c) the possibility to develop relationships with some of the most prominent investors in the world, and d) the potential to significantly improve your business acumen…then it’s not for you.

If you don’t want to be that person in the room who brokers deals, sits at tables with influential business people, speaks to large investors…then it’s not for you.

If you’ve fully accepted that you’ll never be a dealmaker; that you don’t have what it takes; that only the lucky and privileged few have the luxury…you probably aren’t a suitable candidate for The Dealmaking Bootcamp.

Then there isn’t a need to read any further.

BUT if you believe in yourself and want to learn then read on.

You make your own luck 

Research into what makes some people consistently lucky and others prone to bad luck time and time again is fascinating. You know what it boils down to? Your approach to life. That’s right, your approach to life.

It’s not about having a high IQ, having studied at an Ivy League school or Grande École.

One of the most important things you can do is spot and act on opportunities – coincidentally, one of the key pillars to The Dealmaking Bootcamp Course. By seizing opportunity you’ll maximise the chance of something positive happening.

So go on and make your own luck.

I’m going to make my own luck

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