What is this site about?

Making finance exciting.

A story-driven website about the world of high finance, the characters that inhabit that world, the deals that make it sensational and lessons to help you become a more successful dealmaker.

Core beliefs

  1. Finance is essential to individuals, businesses and society
  2. Money is a means, not an end
  3. The future of finance: maximizing both long-term financial and social returns -> making “impact”

Who is The ibanker?

The combination of an investment banker and entrepreneur.

Raised in Europe, North Africa and the US. Feel at home in far too many cities to list.

Enjoy having a veg meal in Kerala, assisting a Saudi billionaire acquire a 5-star London hotel, helping turn around a European ski company, flying in a corporate jet or riding in a tuk-tuk, going on adventures, meeting tech entrepreneurs and impact investors and getting to know interesting bloggers from around the world.

I work a lot with Family Offices. One day I may advise one of the richest families from the UK, CIS or Middle East on how to acquire a £150m real estate asset in London. The next day, I’ll help one of them secure an interest in a Mongolian bank. Another day, I’ll speak to a Sovereign Wealth Fund about acquiring a stake in one of the Internet’s largest companies.  

My network, and the trust I have earned within it, is my greatest strength.

I can work from anywhere and depending on when we bump into each other you’ll either think me an ibanker or a backpacker.